Reinforced Concrete Design BAEL91 - Calculation Settings


When BAEL 91 - France standard is the reinforced concrete standard selected for the current project, the Calculation Settings dialog box allows the definition of the concrete calculation settings.


How to access the command

Calculation Settings

Calculation Settings - BAEL 91 - France standard


Standard settings

This tab defines the reinforced concrete calculation settings.

Standard settings

Standard settings

Planar elements calculation method

Defines the reinforcement calculation method for the planar elements:


If the membrane forces are null or irrelevant, the Wood method is used. This calculation procedure allows the evaluation of bending moments starting from Mx, My and Mxy to determine the sections of each reinforcement level. If the membrane forces are significant, the Capra method is used because it takes into account the tension and compression membrane forces. The Capra method is also used in case of combined tension, because the Wood method extension considering the membrane forces leads to exceeded reinforcement when the shell is subjected to compression.


Forces taken into account for planar elements


Bending beams calculation method


BAEL Specific

Beam calculation settings

Beam calculation method

Beam calculation - Number of bars

Number of bars

Sets the numbers of bars if the cross-section width is enclosed between certain limits.

Max diameter

Beam calculation

Beam calculation - Max diameter

Number of layers

Beam calculation

Beam calculation - Number of layers

Columns calculation settings
Calculation method

Columns calculation method

Calculation method



Calculation method

Allows the selection of the calculation method (when the Automatic calculation is disabled):

Longitudinal reinforcement bars

Loads application date

Defines the date when the loads are applied on the structure:


The 'a' coefficient, depending on column slenderness, is reduced if most of the loads are applied before 90 days and before 28 days. In the general case when the loads are applied after 90 days, the concrete strength is increased.



This tab defines the type of structure for the buckling lengths calculation by Ka Kb coefficients. For xy and xz planes it can be specified if the structure has braced or unbraced nodes. If these options are disabled, there is no specification for the structure's stability and the buckling lengths are calculated by the local parameters of each element. You can enable thw option to detect super elements for automatic buckling lengths.

Buckling settings

Columns calculation - Buckling


The settings made in this tab do not affect the elements whose properties are defined by design templates. In this case, the element design properties are linked to the corresponding template.


Reinforcement settings

This tab contains the list of reinforcements from which the concrete expert may suggest at the end of the concrete calculation. Only the selected reinforcements are considered in the concrete design calculation.

Reinforcement settings


Use the selection boxes from the Longitudinal / Transversal columns to specify the reinforcements to consider.

You can also use the All / None options to select or unselect all the available options.


This tab contains the list of available reinforcement meshes.



Calculation sequence settings

This tab defines the verifications to perform during the reinforced concrete calculation.

Calculation sequence settings

Calculation sequence

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