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Saving elements properties as templates

In Advance Design, the properties of linear and planar elements can be saved as .XML files which can be loaded in other projects and used as templates.

To save the properties of a selected element as a template:

  1. Make the corresponding settings in the element properties window.

  2. Click in the properties window. The Save As dialog box appears.

Saving the properties of an element as template

Saving elements properties as templates

  1. Enter a name for the .XML file and click Save.

The element properties are saved in the .XML file.

Loading properties templates

Elements properties that were saved as templates (.XML files) in other projects can be applied on elements of the current project.

To load and apply a template:

  1. Select the element(s) on which to apply the template.

  2. In the properties window click . The Open dialog box appears.

Loading properties templates

Loading properties templates

  1. Select the corresponding .XML file and click Open.

The properties are applied on the selected element(s).


The properties of an element can be applied on elements from different projects as well as on elements of the same project. To apply properties within the same project faster, use the Match properties function.


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