Once the combinations, geometry and settings are defined, the element can be designed. If no combinations were previously defined, a set of default combinations is generated.

When the element is calculated, a theoretical reinforcement diagram is calculated. This diagram, together with all the reinforcement settings imposed before calculation, is the basis for generating a reinforcement cage.

Automatically generated reinforcement can be manually modified. You can add supplementary reinforcement bars, modify the diameter of the bars, spacing, hook lengths and angle, etc.


Modify automatically generated reinforcement

Reports and Drawings

Two very useful outputs can be generated in Advance Design module: reports and drawings. The commands are located on the Ribbon > Design Modules tab > Results panel.

Generating reports

Reports and drawings

A report can be generated in PDF or DOC format, to satisfy the necessity of various type of users.

You can preview a report, generate it in your preferred format, or create a new personalized report from scratch or by editing an existing template, using the powerful Report Designer tool.

Report settings

Report settings

Interactive drawings can be printed or saved directly, to be further edited using a CAD software (which works with the .dwg/.dxf design file format as native files).


Interactive drawings

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