Organizing the Model's Elements in the Project Browser


The systems help organizing the model elements by categories. For an easier handling of your model, the structure elements can be grouped in systems and subsystems, depending of their type or position inside the structure. The systems tree structure is displayed in the Project Browser.

Systems and subsystems in Advance Design

Systems of elements

Grouping elements in systems

All the elements you create are placed in the current system - the system which is selected in the Project Browser.

Before creating a structure element (line, linear element, planar element, etc.), select the destination system for the element. This way, the object you are creating is automatically placed in the selected system.


The current system can be easily identified, being displayed in blue in the Project Browser. It remains selected until another system is defined as current.

Systems of elements in Advance Design

Selected system of elements

Changing structure elements location

After creating structure elements, it is possible to change their location in systems:

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