Understanding the "Modify Menu" in Advance Design


The Modify Menu in Advance Design is essential for evolving your project, allowing for precise adjustments, transformations, and modifications to bring your design vision to life. Whether configure geometries, adjusting properties, or reconfiguring structural components, the Modify Menu provides the flexibility and control for model optimization.


Modify menu display in Advance Design

Modify menu


Accessing the Modify Menu

To access the Modify Menu, click on the Menu Button located at the top left corner of your screen. The Modify Menu is the 5th option in the drop-down list. 

For quicker access, you can use the keyboard shortcut <Alt+M>. This shortcut instantly opens the Modify Menu, allowing you to navigate the various available commands. 


How to access Advance Design Modify menu

Modify menu


Modify Menu Commands: A Detailed Guide 

Below is a description of each command and submenu within the Modify Menu. This guide is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the functionality and utility of these options, ensuring efficient file management and project configuration in your work.


1. CAD: Displays various commands and submenus for modifying elements.


CAD options submenu  in Advance Design Modify menu

CAD options submenu  in Advance Design Modify menu



2. Delete: Remove the selected elements from the drawing area.


3. Split Load Areas: Splits the existing load areas using the intersection with the supporting elements.


4. Merge: Merges superposed elements of the same kind.


5. Renumber: Opens the Renumbering elements dialog box, which renumbers the structure elements by family.


6. Local Axes: Automatically adjust the orientation of local axes for selected elements.


7. Local Axes by Direction: Modifies the orientation of local axes for the selected elements by a direction defined by the user.



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