Minimizing the Ribbon


Customizing the visibility of the Advance Design Ribbon allows you to optimize your workspace by adjusting how much of the Ribbon is displayed.


Default Ribbon Display

Initially, the Ribbon is fully expanded, showing one active tab and its panels of commands at any given time:


Advance Design Ribbon

Advance Design Ribbon



How to Minimize the Ribbon

To minimize the Ribbon you need to follow the methods described below:



How to minimize Advance Design Ribbon

Minimizing the Ribbon



Restoring the Ribbon

Restoring the ribbon to its default appearance is very simple: Right-click on any tab and deselect Minimize the Ribbon, or double-click on any minimized tab. This action reverts the Ribbon to its full view, displaying all panels under the active tab.


This feature provides a flexible approach to managing your screen, allowing you to configure the Ribbon's display to your workflow preferences.



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