Main Screen Description


The Advance Design interface and its components are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing multiple display options and quick customization. With easy command access through contextual ribbon tabs and right-click context menus, Advance Design integrates modeling, analysis, design, and result post-processing within the same interface.

This overview will guide you through the various components and features that make navigation and operation easy. The main screen of Advance Design is the heart of your modeling and design journey. It's designed with clarity and simplicity, ensuring that you can focus on your work without any unnecessary complexity.


Navigating the Main Screen of Advance Design

Find below a comprehensive guide of the main screen, highlighting its key interface components and usability:


Advance Design Environment

The main screen of Advance Design



  1. Quick Access Toolbar 


  1. Menu button


  1. Ribbon


  1. Toolbars


  1. Project Browser


  1. Properties Window


  1. Status Bar


  1. Graphic Area


  1. Command Line


  1. Coordinate System


Starting from the 2016 version, the Ribbon replaced the previous standard menu bar in the Advance Design interface. However, the menus corresponding to the menu bar can still be activated by clicking the Menu Button.


Whether you are embarking on a simple project or a complex structural design, the intuitive design and integrated features of the main screen ensure that your focus remains on creating and innovating.



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