Understanding the "Main Menu" in Advance Design


The Main Menu in Advance Design is a central gateway to various functions and commands. Strategically located at the top-left corner of the software interface, the menu is organized to reflect the typical workflow steps. Additionally, you can swiftly navigate through these options using Alt-key shortcuts, enhancing your efficiency.


Accessing the Main Menu

Accessing the Main Menu is straightforward: click on the Menu button situated in the top left corner of the interface.

Advance Design Main Menu

Advance Design Main Menu


Efficient Use of Alt-Key Shortcuts

For an even faster approach, most menu options can be accessed using Alt-key shortcuts. This method involves pressing the Alt key along with the letter of the desired menu option. Here’s a quick guide:


Main Menu Commands: A Detailed Guide 

Advance Design offers 11 main menu options, each leading to a variety of sub-menus and commands, designed to cater to different aspects of your project. Below is a breakdown of these menu options and their functions:


How to use menus and access menu commands

Navigating Advance Design's menus is simple and intuitive. Here are some ways to access different menu options and commands:


1. Using Keyboard Arrows and Enter Key:


2. Using Mouse Cursor:


Understanding Menu Command Indicators

1. Commands with Submenus:


How to access Advance Design sub-menus

Using the Advance Design Main Menu to access various commands



2. Disabled Commands:


Advance Design disabled Main menu commands

Disabled commands



3. Commands Opening Dialog Boxes:

Commands followed by (...) signify that selecting them will open a dialog box for additional options.


Advance Design Menu Commnads with additional options

Accessing dialogs from the menus


Using ALT-Key Shortcuts

1. Accessing Menus and Commands with Shortcuts:


2. Example of Shortcut Navigation:


How to access Advance Design Main Menu commands using shortcuts

Using the keyboard to access certain menus


Mastering the navigation of menus and command access in Advance Design is key to enhancing your efficiency and ease of use within the software. Whether you prefer keyboard shortcuts for speed or the precision of mouse navigation, understanding these basic yet powerful techniques ensures a smoother, more intuitive interaction with the wide array of functionalities that Advance Design offers.




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