Linear Elements Vaults


A linear vault is a set of consecutive linear elements forming an arc.


How to access the command

Below you can find the various methods to access the command:



After selecting the command you can explore the methods to create a linear vault.



How to create a linear vault

To create a linear vault, follow these steps:


  1. Access the command as described above.

  1. Define the linear vault parameters in the Vault generator dialog box:

The vault radius (R), span (A) and deflection (F) are calculated according to their correlation. It is possible to "block" a specified value for span (A) or deflection (F) by selecting the corresponding checkbox. The "blocked" value remains unchanged and the radius is automatically calculated according to the user-defined values. Additionally, span or deflection values can be automatically calculated according to a specified radius.


Linear vault generator

Vault generator



  1. Create the linear vault. After defining the parameters, click OK to create the linear vault. 

Linear vault in Advance Design

Linear vault


By following these steps, you can create a linear vault structure customized to your project's requirements.



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