Exporting / Importing Actions on Supports


In Advance Design, the actions on supports created in a model can be exported in the form of a .TXT file and later imported and used in another model, in the model phase.


To export actions on supports:

  1. After the calculation (in Analysis mode), select one or several supports in your model, then select File > Export > Actions on supports.

For a faster access, select Export directly from the Ribbon >  BIM tab > Actions on Supports panel.

The Export actions on supports window is displayed.

Export actions on supports

Export actions on supports


  1. Select the export folder (click to browse) and input the desired name of the .TXT file.

  2. Select the anchor point using the Insertion point button () or type in the point’s coordinates.

  3. Click OK.

Advance Design exports support actions for all the active load cases from the combinations menu. A .TXT file is created, containing forces and intensity coordinates, as well as the number and type of each load case.


To import actions on supports:

  1. From the menu, select File > Import > Actions on Supports. For a faster access, select Import directly from the Ribbon >  BIM tab > Actions on Supports panel.

  2. Select a .TXT file and an anchor point.

If load cases described in the file do not exist in the model, they will be automatically created.

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