General Requirements


GRAITEC Advance Design excels in handling complex modeling tasks and conducting advanced finite element calculations. Alongside these capabilities, the software executes automated post-processing methods, facilitates the recording of graphical animations, and offers various other advanced functions. To ensure optimal performance, the BIM software operates efficiently with a minimal system configuration.

An activation code and a serial number are required to use GRAITEC Advance Design. GRAITEC Advance Design comes with an activation code and a serial number, but if you don't have them, a temporary license for 15 days may be installed.


Before installing Advance Design:



Minimal system requirements





Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000 (or older) is not recommended as a default graphics card, due to the drivers’ quality not being similar to competitors’ and it may not adequately support some of the product features. Do not rely only on automatic updates from Windows, download the specific graphics card drivers directly from the manufacturer's website.




Minimum requirement



GRAITEC Advance CAD and Advance Design are available for Windows 64-bit only.




Recommended system requirements

In addition to the minimal configuration, here are the hardware and software recommended by GRAITEC:


This configuration is subject to change, and we invite you to review this information for each new software update or new operating system version. GRAITEC is testing its software on freshly Windows installed systems and cannot guarantee their correct behavior on any computer running any third-party software (outdated drivers, specific AutoCAD plug-ins, silent processes running in the background, antivirus software or firewalls improperly configured, etc.), or hardware (specific processors, specific I/O devices, etc.). Users might experience slow access or no access at all, functionality loss in the case of an improperly configured network, other hardware, or software misusage. GRAITEC cannot be held responsible for any of the problems mentioned above, including but not limited to the cases when the minimal configuration described would not allow the software to run correctly and users to handle their projects properly. In any software malfunction, we strongly recommend contacting your GRAITEC reseller. Licenses can be transferred using the GRAITEC FlexNet Operation (FNO) server. GRAITEC is doing its best to assure the continuous availability of the license server. Only under severe conditions, the server might be out of order for a limited time. In this case, GRAITEC will do its best to get it operational as soon as possible.


For more detailed information about system requirements and configuration, access the Graitec Licensing Help.




Antivirus software interactions

Antivirus software can affect the installation and performance of GRAITEC programs.

GRAITEC conducts software testing without the inclusion of specific Antivirus software due to the impracticality of testing across all variations and versions available in the market.

GRAITEC hasn't established comprehensive strategic partnerships with all security software vendors. 

In the event of a conflict, GRAITEC recommends that users experiencing issues with third-party software contact the respective vendor for resolution. Meanwhile, our suggestion is to remove conflicting third-party software until a resolution is reached.



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