Finite Elements Calculation


Once the analysis model has been created and the structure has been meshed, the model is now prepared for the finite elements calculation. Before proceeding with the finite element calculation, it is beneficial to configure some useful settings to optimize the calculation speed and disk space.

To access these settings, simply follow these user-friendly steps:


How to access the command

Below you can find the various methods to access the command:


Accesing "Calculation sequence dialog box in Analysis Mode

Finite elements calculation



After selecting the command you can move further to explore the essential steps on how to precisely define the analyses you want to conduct in your structural model and to discover a straightforward approach to calculate your structural model in Advance Design.


How to define the analyses to be calculated

All analyses are displayed in the Project Browser in Analysis mode, under Analyses. Each analysis has a context menu allowing you to perform the following actions:


Analyses to be calculated


How to calculate the model

To initiate the model calculation, follow these steps:

1. Access the command using one of the methods mentioned earlier.

2. The status bar will display the progression of each calculation process.

3. The command line will provide details of the current calculated process.

4. If needed, you can stop the calculation by pressing the Cancel button on the status bar.

5. Wait a few moments while the calculation is performed. Once completed, the command line will display Calculation finished, and you can proceed to the post-processing step to view the calculation results.


Calculation process in Advance Design

Calculation in progress


6. If you wish to recalculate the model, simply relaunch the calculation command. A dialog box will appear, giving you options to select the actions you want to perform:


Calculation Sequence dialog box

Relaunching the calculation command




Note: When selecting actions in the calculation dialog box, remember that each action operates independently. This means that only the actions you specifically choose will be performed. For instance, if you wish to perform the Reinforced concrete calculation without re-running the Finite elements calculation, simply enable the corresponding option and click OK to initiate the calculation process.


This flexibility allows you to tailor the analysis precisely to your needs, saving valuable time and resources.


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