Filters and Selection Toolbar


The Filters and Selection toolbar provides access to specialized tools for element selection and display.


Filters and Selection toolbar in Advance Design

Filters and Selection toolbar


Commands within the  Filters and Selection toolbar

The Filters and Selection toolbar contains the following commands:





List of selection criteria

Displays a list of selection criteria, such as material, cross section, thickness, etc.

Open the multiple Selection dialog box

Opens the multiple Selection dialog box, allowing an advanced selection of elements by combining the selection criteria and applying them on the whole model or on a previous selection set only.

Invert the current selection

Inverts the current selection. The unselected elements become selected and vice-versa.

Display only the selected elements

Displays only the selected elements

Display the selected elements with a shading effect

Displays the selected elements with a shading effect (ghost display). It displays the elements as axes and sections with shaded faces.

Display all elements, hidden ones included

Displays all elements, hidden ones included.

Hide the selected elements

Hides the selected elements.


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