Dimension Lines


Dimension lines measure specified points in the drawing area, displaying the values for lengths, angles, and altitudes. Dimension lines are saved with the model and can be selected, resized, moved, etc.

Dimension lines in Advance Design

Dimension lines


After you have created a dimension line, you can modify its position (using its stretch and grip points). The measured values are automatically updated and displayed on the dimension line.

How to access the command

How to define the dimension line properties

Select a dimension line and access the properties window. The following attributes are viewed / defined:

Properties of dimension lines

Dimension line Properties window

Dimension Line Options

Text displayed on a dimension line




Text position on the dimension line

Text position on the dimension line

Text position on the dimension line



You can configure the dimension line font size in the Display settings dialog box. Use the Text size slider to set the size of text displayed in the drawing area. In the same dialog box, you can also define the size of the arrowhead using the Symbol size slider.

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