Defining Templates


Design templates allow the definition of design properties styles (concrete and steel), that can be applied to a selection of elements.

The purpose of this feature is to enhance the assignment of homogenous calculation assumptions, making possible a faster verification of the model's coherence.


How to access the command


How to manage design templates

  1. Access the command as described above.

  2. The Design template description dialog box appears:

Design template description

Design template description



  1. In the Name field: type a name for the template that you want to create.

  2. Material family: select the material family (concrete, steel or timber).

  3. Element type: select the type of element for which you want to create the template (linear or planar) from the drop-down list.

  4. Click to create the template.

The design template is created. You can define thus several design templates.

The template properties are specific to the material family and the element type. These are figured by the symbol attached to the template name:

Concrete linear elements - Concrete linear elements

Concrete planar elements - Concrete planar elements

Steel linear elements - Steel linear elements

Timber linear elements - Timber linear elements

  1. Select a design template. The corresponding properties are displayed in the right panel of the dialog box.

  2. Make the desired settings in the template properties.

Design template

Design template properties



How to import design templates

It is possible to import design templates that were defined in different projects created with Advance Design, in the shape of .XML files:

  1. In the Design template description dialog box, click Import Importing templates.

  2. Browse to the location of the .XML file to be imported and select it.

  3. Click Open.

The design template is imported in the "Design templates" list of the project.


How to export design templates

Design templates can be exported as .XML files, so they can be used in other projects.

  1. In the Design template description dialog box, design templates list, select the design template to be exported.

  2. Click Exporting templates.

  3. In the Save As dialog box, enter a name for the design template and click Save.

The design template is saved as an .XML file on the selected disk, from where it can be imported in other Advance Design projects.


How to assign design templates

Once you have defined the design templates, you can assign them to the linear and planar elements that you want to use in the expert design analysis.

Each linear and planar element has the Design template drop-down list available in its properties window, from which you can select one of the available design templates. Once you have assigned a design template, the properties of the concerned element will be defined considering the template properties.

Selecting a design template

Assigning a general design template

Thus you can select several elements of the same type and material and define their design properties by a single click, selecting one design template from their common properties window.


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