Defining Carbon Factors


When working on a project, it's important to consider carbon emissions. Carbon Factors Manager from Advance Design emerges as a powerful tool in your arsenal, empowering you to define, customize, and proficiently manage the Carbon Factors. This capability affords you a precise level of control over carbon emissions within your design, ensuring adherence to environmental considerations and sustainability objectives. 

This tool offers a Library section where you can find a variety of predefined Carbon Factor Sets. In addition to the predefined sets, Advance Design allows you to import custom databases of carbon factors. 



How to access the command

Below you can find the various methods to access the command:


  1. From the Menu: Select Edit > Carbon Factors.

  2. From the Ribbon: Navigate to the Manage tab, then click on the Materials and Sections panel. From there choose Carbon Factors.

  3. From the Properties window: In the properties window of objects place the cursor in the Carbon Factors code cell and click on the relevant icon Materials button in Advance Design. Objects that can have associated carbon factor sets are linear and planar elements, load area, and punctual and linear supports.

  4. From Materials window: Click on the Carbon Emission button, then in the Carbon Emission table, navigate to the Data Set Name column and click on the relevant icon Materials button in Advance Design


Carbon factors can only be defined and modified in Descriptive Model.


After launching the command using one of the above methods, the Carbon Factors Manager dialog will open for you to define, customize, and proficiently manage the Carbon Factors.


Carbon Factors Manager dialog box

Carbon Factors Manager dialog box



How to manage Carbon Factors Sets

The Carbon Factors Manager provides a comprehensive interface for managing carbon factors sets. Launch the Carbon Factors Manager command, which opens a dialog box with the following options:



For linear and planar elements, the carbon emission factor per reinforcement is included in the total estimation only for elements for which Reinforced Concrete Design has been performed.


By using the Carbon Factors Manager in Advance Design, you can efficiently define and manage carbon factors, ensuring accurate and detailed control over carbon emissions in your projects.



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