DOF Restraints


In the analysis step, after the structure meshing, the boundary conditions of the analysis model (i.e., symmetry conditions, DoF restraints, DoF constraints, elastic links) can be modified. The boundary conditions may be defined on nodes or on supports.

The nodes coordinates are always oriented on the X Y Z axes. It is recommended to restrain on nodes all unused directions, in order to reduce the problem's size and to work only in the concerned plan of the structure.

Use the DOFDegree of freedom: number of independent parameters that define a system's configuration. restraints to block the translation and rotation degrees of freedom on the desired directions for the selected nodes.

DOF restraints

DoF restraints

How to access the command

How to create DOF restraints

  1. Access the command as described above.

  2. In the DOF restraint properties window: block the desired translation and rotation degrees of freedom. By default, the degrees of freedom are free for all directions.

  3. The command line displays the message: Select a node or input the node number. Specify the nodes you want to restrain using one of the following methods:

You can also define the DOF restraints on selection: select the nodes you want to restrain, access the DOF restraints command from their context menu then define the nodes degrees of freedom in the DOF restraint's properties window.

The DOF restraints are created. You can view the created DOF restraints in the Project Browser.

DoF restraint representation


The representation of nodes restraints in the Project Browser.


The representation of DOF restraints on nodes.


The properties window of DOF restraints. You can define here the restraints in translation and rotation on global directions.



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