Creating the Model Animation


With Advance Design you can create animation starting from different views of the model in every step of the work process.

A set of animation options are available, allowing the configuration of the model animation.

You can access all the animation commands from the Animation toolbar.

To create a model animation, it is required to place camera objects from different point of views. Each camera memorizes the corresponding view (distance and position). The animation represents the transition between cameras by a specified frame rate

It is also possible to create AVI files starting from the model animation or from the post-processing animation. All the AVI files you create can be accessed from the Project Browser in Document mode.


How to create animation using camera views

Cameras defined animation can be created in the modeling step and in the analysis step as well.

  1. Create cameras around the model.

  2. On the Animation toolbar: click . The Animation Options dialog box appears.

  3. Select the General options tab and enable the Transitions between cameras option.

  4. Define the general animation options.

  5. Click OK.

  6. On the Animation toolbar: click . The model animation is launched.

 To stop the animation, press <Esc>.


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