Creating an AVI File


With Advance Design it is possible to create AVI files starting from the animation obtained by camera views or by post-processing animation.

By default, the AVI files and all the output documents of Advance Design are stored in the "document" folder corresponding to the current project and can be accessed from the Project Browser in Document mode.


How to access the command


How to create an AVI file

  1. Create cameras, or define a graphical post-processing of results for a post-processing animation.

  2. Define the AVI options in the Animation options dialog box.

  3. Access the command as described above. The Video Compression dialog box appears:

Video compression

Creating an AVI file

Select from the drop-down list a video compressor and configure the compression quality (if necessary).

  1. Click OK.

 Wait a few moments while the AVI file is generated. When completed, the AVI is automatically opened with the default movie viewer application.


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