Simple Planar Elements


In Advance Design you can create simple planar elements directly in the graphic area. The position of the element extremities can be specified by entering the coordinates in the command line or by snapping to other objects.



How to access the command

Below you can find the various methods to access the command:



After selecting the command you can explore the various methods to create simple planar elements.



How to create simple planar elements

To create simple linear elements, follow these steps:


  1. Access the command as described above.
  2. Configure the element attributes in the properties window.
  3. Create a planar element point by point:
  1. The planar element is created.


Here's an example to illustrate the process:

Creating a planar element directly in the graphic area, by snapping to model elements:


Creating a simple planar element





Tip: While drawing a planar element, it is possible to cancel the last point by pressing the <Delete> key. Repeat the procedure to cancel previously created points.



A planar element cannot have three or more colinear points.





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