Creating Cameras


The camera is a CAD object which can be selected, moved, deleted and saved with the project. The camera consists of:

Cameras in Advance Design


How to access the command


How to create cameras

  1. Use the Predefined views command or the zoom and views tools to define a model view.

  2. Access the command as described above.

A camera is placed in the middle of the current viewport. Repeat the procedure to create several cameras.

Creating cameras

Creating several cameras in Advance Design


How to select and unselect cameras

Moving cameras

Selecting a camera


How to modify the cameras position

The camera position is modified using the objective and target stretch points:

  1. Click a camera or the target line to select it. The objective and target stretch points are represented by red squares.

Moving cameras

Selecting a camera

  1.  Click any of the stretch points and move the mouse cursor.

Moving cameras

Moving a camera

  1. Click again to set the position.

Moving cameras

Modifying a camera position


How to display the camera view

  1. Click one or several cameras to select them.

  2. Click on a selected camera and the cursor shape changes to: .

  3. Click again to display the camera view.

 The model is displayed from the camera point of view. For a multiple selection, the camera views are displayed consecutively.


To enable or disable the animated transitions between views, select/unselect the Enable dynamic transitions option from the Cameras tab of the Advanced CAD options dialog box.

How to hide and display the cameras

It is possible to hide or display all cameras at the same time:

 When enabled, the cameras are displayed in the graphic area and the icon appears highlighted on the toolbar.


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