Crane Runway


The crane runway is the path along which the crane truck moves. It is visible in the Project Browser and has properties similar to the Traffic lane object (used for Traffic loads). The Crane Runway can be Single or Double. In case of a Single Runway, it is a line and it is used for modeling a path for monorail cranes. In case of a Double Runway, it is a pair of two parallel lines having the same length and it is used for modelling a path for bridge cranes.

Types of runways

Types of runways

Single and double runways

A runway is usually defined as a single straight segment, but it can also consist of multiple segments (drawn as a polyline). For correct application of forces on the structure, the railway should be modelled along a linear element (on a rail beam). Since the generated forces can be oriented not only vertically but also along/cross the runway, the local system of the element on which the runway line is drawn is used to determine the direction of the forces.

How to access the command

How to create a crane runway

  1. Access the command as described above.

  2. For a Monorail runway – specify the first and subsequent points of the rail. Click ESC or Enter to confirm.

  3. For a Bridge runway – define starting and end points, and then select the third point which defines the second parallel rail. Click ESC to confirm.

Crane Runway properties

In the Project Browser select the crane runway to see its properties in the Properties window.

Crane runway properties window

Crane runway properties window



Crane runway properties

Crane runway properties

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