Configuring the Linear Elements Properties


Managing the properties of linear elements within Advance Design can simplify your project workflow. Here’s a simple guide on how to adjust and save these settings effectively.

The elements' properties can be configured using the properties window. The settings are applied to a single element or to a selection of elements which share common features. Linear element properties can be saved as .XML files which can be loaded in other projects and used as templates.



How to configure linear element properties


  1. Select a linear element or a group of linear elements.

The properties window displays the properties of the selected element. In case of a multiple selection, it displays the common features of the selected elements.


  1. Access the properties window.

  1. Configuring the linear elements orientation using specific commands

Command line message

Modify local axes

  1. Configuring the linear elements orientation using points





K cannot be aligned with I and J.


In this case, you need to configure the linear element orientation using the K point as a reference and to follow these steps:





View the point ID number in the point properties window, Identifier field.



  1. Configuring the linear elements orientation using angles



The R2 coordinate system defined by angle is obtained from R1 by rotation around the x1 axis:





  1. Configuring the eccentricity of a linear element







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