Load Case Families Properties


In Advance Design, the properties of the load case families are defined in the properties window. They are applied to all the corresponding load cases and loads.

For the climatic and seism families, special options are available in the properties window, in conformity with the project standards:


For most of the load case families, the properties window contains the following attributes:



Define properties that are taken into account when generating concomitance combinations.



Using the display settings it is possible to display loads by colors. In this way, each load is highlighted in the graphic area in the load case family representative color. See How to display loads by color, according to load case families

Exploitation category

When generating combinations according to Eurocodes (EN1990 or using the concomitance matrix), it is possible to select the exploitation category (as defined in Table A1.1 of NF EN 1990) in the properties window of the live loads case family.

Accessing the properties

The Properties window displays the properties of the selected load case family.

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