Configuring the F.E. Results Display Settings


Advance Design provides a various set of options for the results post-processing. These options allow the selection of the analyses cases to exploit, the type of elements on which to view results, the results visualization mode in the graphic area, the elements to display with the analysis model during post-processing, etc.


How to access the command


How to configure the FE results settings

  1. Access the command as described above to open the Results dialog box.

  2. Access the F.E. tab to configure the finite element results options.

Results dialog box

FE results settings


  1. From the upper drop-down list select a result type to exploit  (i.e., displacements, forces, stresses, eigen modes, resultant forces, PushOver).

  2. Select the elements on which to view the result (i.e., node, support, linear elements, planar elements, section cut).

  3. Select the coordinates on which the results are expressed.

  4. Select the display mode of the results (i.e., colors, values, diagrams, etc.). The results visualization modes differ for each element type.

  5. Click Case / Combinations to open the Analysis and Combinations dialog box and select the current analyses for results post-processing.

  6. Access Options tab of the Results dialog box and configure the results display options.

Results settings - Options tab

Results settings - Options tab


  1. Click OK.


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