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By default, each concrete element is calculated using the global concrete design assumptions, in conformity with the current standard. However, the reinforced concrete assumptions can be defined locally for each element using the options available in the properties window.



Accessing the Concrete Design Properties of the selected element

To display only the concrete design properties of the selected element(s), from the Properties filter drop-down list select Reinforced Concrete Properties.


Properties of planar elements in Advance Design

Properties window


Using the Properties window for Concrete Planar Elements

In the properties window, you can view and modify the properties of concrete planar elements, allowing for detailed customization and management.


Key Features and Functions:

  1. Concrete Design
  1. Concrete cover

Definition of the distances from the gravity center of the reinforcement to the fibers extremities (lower and higher) along x and y local axes.

  1. Cracking
  1. Reinforcement orientation


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