Command Line


The Command Line, positioned at the bottom of the drawing area by default, stands as an important component within Advance Design, facilitating numerous aspects of the design process.


Command line in Advance Design

Command line in the Advance Design environment


Key Features of the Command Line


The Command Line's visibility and position, whether floating, docked, (auto)hidden, or resized can be customized within the application environment using the interface display functions.



How to display the command line

Follow one of the methods presented below to display the command line:



Command line content: A Detailed Guide

The command line contains three tabs:


1. Information

Displays a list of performed actions. The bottom command line field can also help you draw/modify objects by directly typing parameters in it:


Advance Design command line contents

Information tab


You can easily copy or delete the command line contents using the context menu commands from the Information tab:

Copy or clear command line contents

Copy/delete content


2. Errors

Displays errors whenever they are detected by the application (e.g.: when launching a verification of the descriptive model). Also, this tab's context menu allows you to quickly copy / delete errors, as well as to select all / highlighted errors:

Context menu for Command line - Error tab in Advance Design

Errors tab


3. Edit

Intermediates the dialog between the user and the application.


How to access commands using the command line

Using the keyboard, it is possible to access the program commands:



Typing commands in the Command line field in Advance Design

Accessing commands using the Command line


As you begin typing the name of a command, a list of available commands containing the typed word(s) is displayed. The corresponding command can be selected by using the up and down arrows of the keyboard and pressing <Enter>. Press again <Enter> to validate the command.


Defining parameters in the command line in Advance Design

Defining parameters



How to use the command line for modeling elements

You can input or modify the model components by typing the desired parameters in the dialog area of the command line.


Message in the Edit tab of the Command line in Advance Design

Using the Command line for modeling elements



Command line in Advance Design

Using the Command line for modeling elements


The action is performed in the drawing area.

NoteThe coordinates entered on the command line follow the order of the current plane coordinates (e.g., X Z for plan view, X Y Z for 3D view). In 3D, to input X Y Z coordinates on the command line, first, hide the workplane.


How to edit the command line content

Right-click in the command line to access commands that allow you to edit its contents:



How to display the properties of the selected elements in the command line


The properties of the selected elements are displayed on the command line.

Properties displayed in the Command Line

Displaying properties of a selected element in the Command line



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