Auto-hiding Interface Windows


Advance Design offers a simple approach to managing your workspace through the auto-hide feature available for key interface windows: Project Browser, Properties Window, and Command Line.

This functionality allows you to maintain an organized workspace while ensuring these tools are accessible.


Enabling Auto-Hide command

Each interface window, when docked, includes a pin button on its title bar. This button allows you to activate or deactivate the auto-hide command for that window.


Advance Design interface window Auto-hide button

Pin button for interface components


How Auto-Hide Works


Tab replacing Advance Design window in auto-hide mode

Auto-hide mode



NoteWhen two or more windows are grouped in a multi-tabbed window, they will be displayed as adjacent tabs when in auto-hide mode. The window corresponding to the visible tab in the unpinned group is displayed as the main tab with the window name on it:

Advance Design multi-tabbed window in auto-hide mode

Adjacent tabs in auto-hide mode


This auto-hide feature ensures that Advance Design users can maintain an organized workspace while keeping essential tools within easy reach.


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