Advance Design and Effel Structure Workflow


Files created in Effel Structure, such as .eff and .do4 can be imported in Advance Design.


The import from Effel Structure is available only in the French interface.


Follow the instructions below to discover how to import files from Effel Structure:

  1.  File menu > Import > Effel Structure from the menu. Alternatively, click Import Effel Structure command icon in Advance Design   on the Ribbon >  BIM tab > Effel panel.

  2. The following dialog box appears:

Advance Design Effel file import

Confirmation message

  1. Select Yes to import the file in the current project.

  1. Select No to import the file in a new project. The current project closes and a new project is created.

  2. The Open dialog box appears. Select a file type from the Files of type drop-down list: *.eff (Effel Structure file) or *.do4 (archive file) and then select the file to import.

  3. Click Open. The Import dialog box appears.

  4. Select the vertical axis of the model. In Effel, Y is used as a vertical axis as is Z. In Advance Design, Z is the native vertical axis and all the CAD functions are relative to it.

Import types for Effel files

Import from Effel


To import the elements of the Effel model as groups, select the Import by groups of elements option. The groups in Effel become systems in Advance Design, preserving their names.

Wait a few moments while the model is loaded in Advance Design. When done, the command line displays the importation details.


To export a model from Advance Design to Effel go to Main menu > File menu > Export > Effel Structure.

Alternatively, use on the Ribbon >  BIM tab > Effel panel.

Browse for the localization and click Save. The Export dialog box appears.

Export to Effel

Choose the export type and click OK.

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