Advance Design and Advance Design Modules


The Advance Design Modules can be accessed after running the analysis, in the Design mode on the Project Browser, or by accessing the Design Modules tab on the Ribbon.

The Concrete modules provide detailed design intent and reinforcement drawings. Advance Design includes design and detailing modules for the main structural elements: reinforced concrete beams, columns, footings, RC bearing walls and shear walls allowing to go deep in the level of details such as openings, depressions, precasts, flanges, 3D reinforcement cages… Advance Design modules also provide detailed drawings required for the construction site.

The Steel Connection module ensures the configuration of a seamless solution, with the ability to manage and calculate bolted and welded joints, and with fully detailed design reports that include the calculation formulas and reference to the design code.

For more details, see Advance Design Modules page.


  1. After defining the geometry, all necessary settings and loads, the model can be calculated. If any errors/warnings are displayed during calculation, it is recommended to have them fixed before starting individual structural elements design in the Reinforced Concrete module.

Calculation Sequence

Calculation Sequence in Advance Design

  1. Opening an element with the Design Modules: After the calculation is done, you can either export one element at a time to the Design Module standalone or design the elements in the module embedded in Advance Design. Opening an element in the Design module, or exporting it to the standalone version is quickly performed by accessing the contextual menu of an element and selecting:

Design Modules options

Design Modules options

When designing elements in the Design module embedded in Advance Design, your working mode changes to Design in the Project Browser.

Each individual element has an associated design file created by default in the corresponding design folder, with a .gtcx extension and its corresponding name (including the structural type and element ID).

Design files in gtcx format

Design files in gtcx format

The Project Browser offers the possibility to browse through the various structural elements and open the Design module workspace by double-clicking on an element or selecting Open from the contextual menu accessed by right-clicking on an element. The following options are also available in the contextual menu:

Contextual menu

Contextual menu - Element


If it is the first time when the element is opened in the module, a new model (design file) will be created for it. Otherwise, the previously created model is overwritten

  1. Geometry and Calculation Settings

The geometry and design settings for every element opened in the Design module (information transferred from Advance Design) can be adjusted. Moreover, many settings can be assigned to the element to be further considered in the calculation process, in order to automatically obtain the necessary reinforcement cage.

Advance Design module in Advance Design also offers the possibility to adjust some of the elements’ structural properties.

  1. After calculations

The status of calculation results is displayed in the Design mode for each separate element after performing the calculation. A green check sign will appear for the calculated element that has no error message or failed verifications, which means that the obtained maximum work ratio for that element is smaller than 100%. Otherwise, when at least one verification provides a work ratio greater than 100% or at least one error message is displayed, an X red sign will appear.

Calculation status

Calculation status

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