Advance Design Ribbon


The Advance Design Ribbon is a dynamic and intuitive interface designed to elevate your user experience. As an upgrade from the traditional menu bar, the Ribbon interface simplifies your workflow by organizing commands into well-defined tabs and panels. This thoughtful categorization makes the interface result-oriented and significantly enhances usability.


GRAITEC Advance Design Ribbon

Advance Design Ribbon



Detailed Overview

  1. Logical Grouping of Commands: The Ribbon presents a logical structure where commands are grouped into tabs and panels based on their functionality and use cases. This arrangement allows quicker and more efficient access to the necessary tools.
  2. User-Friendly Design: Each command on the Ribbon is represented by an icon accompanied by a label, making them highly visible and easy to understand. This visual representation aids in quick recognition and selection.
  3. Self-Explanatory Panels and Tabs: The panels and tabs on the Ribbon are designed to be self-explanatory, providing an intuitive navigation experience. Users can easily interpret the purpose of each command, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.
  4. Ease of Locating Commands: With clearly labeled panels, finding the specific command you need has never been easier. This organization saves time and reduces the effort in determining the appropriate tool for a given task.
  5. Flexible Display Options: Each tab on the Advance Design Ribbon opens up several panels of commands. You have the flexibility to display or hide these tabs and panels according to your display needs, ensuring a personalized workspace. For more details on customizing the Ribbon's display, refer to the Minimizing the Ribbon section in this chapter.
  6. Context-Sensitive Panels: Some panels in the Ribbon are context-sensitive, becoming active only during specific steps of the work process. For example, the FEM Results panel on the Results tab is inactive during the modeling phase.



Advance Design Ribbon Tabs Description

The Advance Design Ribbon contains the following main tabs:


By providing a well-organized and intuitive platform, the Ribbon empowers users to focus more on design and less on navigating the software.



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