GRAITEC - Advance BIM Designers - Stairs and Railings

Graitec Stairs and Railings Ribbon

After the “Stair & Railings Designer” application is installed on top of Autodesk Advance Steel, the “Graitec Stairs and Railings” ribbon is created.

The following groups of commands are available in this ribbon:

1. The About drop-down list contains several options:

  • "About" displays a window containing copyright information, GRAITEC's email, the version number, the license number, and the license availability period.

  • "Help" launches the application's Help file, which provides all the necessary information about using the program.

  • "License Utility" launches the GRAITEC License Utility tool, which is used for managing GRAITEC software licenses.

2. The Balanced Stairs group contains commands for creating and configuring one, two or three-flight balanced stairs.

3. The Straight stairs group contains commands for creating and configuring straight stairs, such as saddled stairs.

4. The Railings group contains commands for creating railing for use with the Stair Designer or along any element and a new wall railing style that can be placed directly on a concrete wall. From the "Railings" group, you can access the following commands: