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Advance Steel 2015
Dear Customer,

We are delighted to announce that the 2015 release of Autodesk® Advance Steel is available!

Advance Steel 2015 As a GRAITEC ADVANTAGE client you will receive* your release, delivered directly by Autodesk®, on April 15.

Hope you'll enjoy the many benefits of this new release:

 Ability to copy the complete bolts definition in the Management Tools
 Automatic cutting angles (machine cutting) for all circular sections
    on workshop drawings
 New snap points available for associative dimensions
 Holes & cuts are shown in NC files for curved beams and polybeams

Sachez que l’ensemble de nos équipes se tiennent à votre disposition pour toutes questions.

Know that all of our teams are at your disposal for any questions. Also, if you encounter any technical problems,please contact our experts via this form: >> click here <<


*Needed validation by email of your agreement to continue receiving Autodesk products and services included in your GRAITEC services contract (Opt'in Process). To receive again this email, complete this >> request formular >>.

Autodesk® Advance Steel is a registered trademark ©2014 Autodesk,Inc. All rights reserved.

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