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GRAITEC Advance Design 2015
Dear Customer,

New release 2015 and new delivery method!

As part of your Graitec Advantage service contract, we are pleased to deliver your new Advance Design 2015. To hasten the launch of the new release, we wanted to simplify and modernize the shipment process. We therefore offer an electronic delivery for immediate availability.

No need to wait, enjoy your release 2015!

ACTIVATION CODE: As for previous releases, your Serial Number(s) and Activation Code(s) were sent in a separate e-mail to the same e-mail address. You will get as many e-mails as you have active licenses under maintenance.

INSTALLATION CAUTION: Don't forget to return the 2014 license to the GRAITEC license server (like when moving the license from one computer to another) before activating the 2015 license. You will then be able to launch release 2015 as well as previous releases of Advance Design (back to 2009).
Note: all files opened in release 2015 can't be read in previous releases.

DOCUMENTATION: For an overview of new features, please consult online
>>> What's new in Advance Design 2015 or connect to Graitec Advantage website. >>>

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DVD: If you prefer a DVD, then we invite you to complete this form:

If you need more information, your sales representative and the technical team (e-mail contact : contact mail ) remain at your disposal,


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