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GRAITEC Advance: Test it yourself!
Advance Steel key features

Fast and Easy Modeling of
Your Steel Structures!

Advance Steel is specifically designed for structural engineers, detailers and draftsmen who require a comprehensive yet user friendly 3D structural software that automates drawing creation, BOMs and NC files.

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Efficient structural modeling:


Easy modeling - Advance Steel provides a comprehensive library of smart objects that have real-world properties. A complete ready-to-use library of automatic connections and parametric joint designs is available. Select an element on the toolbar and drop it in the workspace: it’s that
simple to use!


Accelerated modeling - Numerous automated functions are also available: creation of custom stairs, railings, ladders, import of mechanical parts (clash check), element copy/paste, concrete beams between isolated footings, etc.


Unique advanced shapes - Folded and twisted plates, sheet metal, plate work and curved members
Advance Steel: Efficient structural modeling

Workshop and General Arrangement drawings: Use GRAITEC's dedicated tools and technology!

Advance Steel: Automatic drawing generation

Automatic drawing generation - Advance Steel offers automatic numbering and dimensioning tools to further enhance workflow and optimize the drawing creation process


Multiple drawings - Advance Steel provides automatic tools to create multiple drawings, enabling several single part or assembly drawing within one large drawing format


Specific drawing presentation


BOM within workshop drawings


Overview drawings and drawing style configuration


Document manager is the central tool used to display all documents (including overview drawings) and automatically updates revisions if changes are made to the model


Automatic update for BOMs and NC-DSTV files - in addition to the automatic update of workshop and GA drawings, Advance Steel detects the status of BOMs and NC-DSTV files in order to keep them updated according to the changes
in the model

  Saw cut lists... automatically!
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Advance Steel versus competition (AutoCAD®-based software): Up to 48% productivity gain!!

Advance Steel: Up to 48% productivity gain!!

Save up to 23% of modeling time

Get your drawings automatically just by clicking one icon and Advance Steel will detect the right view scale in the right paper format with the necessary quantity of views to get clear drawings. Save up to 75%
of detailing time!

Save up to 83% by getting your drawings updated automatically without any loss of your user adjustments within drawings. The productivity gains are clear. Advance Steel is the best choice for AutoCAD® users who want an efficient solution to automatically get drawings from their steel projects.
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BENEFITS: easy-to-use, high performance, efficient, competitive!

Advance Steel - increase productivity, reduce risks, save costs!
  is user friendly
  is multi-user
  is dedicated to structural detailing
  is well localized!

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