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Advance Steel - April 2011 Newsletter
April 2011

Welcome to the new issue of the GRAITEC ADVANCE STEEL newsletter.
In this issue, we cover:

  Focus on 2011 Release
  Compliancy between Advance Steel and FASTCAM
  Projects of the month: Helicopter base for Trier Hospital, House standing on its roof
  Tip of the month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate
  International events
  Forum - GRAITEC Advantage
  Online Support - GRAITEC Advantage
Top 10 Advance Steel 2011 features

Advance Steel 2011 has reached a new milestone in terms of functionality, productivity, quality and security.
The new features are as follows:

Advance Steel 2011 Release - Enhanced ergonomics (ribbon and palette)
- New GRAITEC Advance manager for easier management of all main settings
- New Project explorer for better management of the different areas of your project
- Real anchor shapes (different shapes available like straight, headed, hooked, J, etc.)
- Several new automatic joints (e.g. base plate for tubes, seated connections, I bracing
  connections, etc.) and more options for the stairs & railings macros (e.g. automatic
  curved railing macro)
- Integrated AISC and EC3 joint design available in additional joints
- New Quick Documents functionality (with previews for easier understanding of the results)
- Integrated revision control with automatic revision clouds
- User smart dimensions
- Multi-material structures (specific tools for modeling concrete and timber elements)

Graitec Advance Manager 2011 Advance Steel - Enhanced ergonomics (ribbon and palette) Graitec New Quick Documents
New GRAITEC Advance Manager Model courtesy of
Hutni Projekt Frydek Mistek
New "Quick Documents" tool
Compliancy between Advance Steel and FASTCAM

The FastCAM System is compatible with other CAD/CAM systems. The system does not require additional software so it is now possible to draw, nest and cut from a single programming system. The FastCAM System produces NC code for a wide variety of cutting machines. FastBEAM works as a standalone system that can nest DSTV files and optimize stock via complimentary FastCAM products MTO and Quote Everything. In addition, FastBEAM will work with DSTV files, compatible with most leading manufacturers, providing both off line processing and DSTV Verification.
Fastcam    GRAITEC Advance Steel
Projects of the Month

HELICOPTER BASE FOR TRIER HOSPITAL - Stahlbau Ziemann GmbH, Wittlich, Germany
Stahlbau Ziemann GmbH
The hospital "Barmherzige Brüder" in Trier got a new helicopter base with a special elevator that enables a faster and more direct connection to the emergency room. The steel construction has a height of 32 m and the landing platform has a diameter of 28 m for a total weight of approximately 310 tons for the steel construction.

Helicopter Base for Trier Hospital - Stahlbau Ziemann GmbH   Helicopter Base for Trier Hospital - Stahlbau Ziemann GmbH

Project main challenges:
The steel structure consists of a light tower with a height of 32m, and a circular deck supported by 4 main columns.
This steel tower must be connected to the concrete tower, which contains the elevator that provides access to the different tower levels.

Advance Steel solution:
With its capabilities of working and navigating through the model in 3D, Advance Steel was the right 3D steel detailing system to model complex connections between plate girders and standard rolled sections.
Advance Steel provides a complete library of automatic macros for stairs & railings to speed up the modeling of the different steel walkways and handrails.

Main benefits for the user:
Advance Steel has all the tools to deliver efficiency and productivity advantages that enabled this helicopter tower structure.

Mr. Tillmann, construction engineer of Stahlbau Ziemann GmbH: " With its excellent functions Advance Steel supported us in fulfilling all these necessary and challenging demands for this special helicopter base."

HOUSE STANDING ON ITS ROOF - Husmann Stahlbau GmbH, Firrel, Germany
Husmann Stahlbau GmbH
Located in Ruegen Island in Germany.
The house is a new addition to the indoor playground Pirateninsel Rügen.

Dimensions: 12 m long x 8,90 wide x 8,5 high
Total weight of the steel structure: 61,1 tons
House Standing on Its Roof - Husmann Stahlbau GmbH House Standing on Its Roof - Husmann Stahlbau GmbH House Standing on Its Roof - Husmann Stahlbau GmbH

Project main challenges:
The steel frames consist of 35 tons of steel. The construction has a bent at 4° in the longitudinal direction and in the cross direction. The house stands on the chimney, which is substituted by tow massive steel columns to hold the whole house on its roof.

Advance Steel solution:
Direct activation of the machines by using the NC files created by Advance Steel. Automatic tools for the creation of the necessary details of single drawings and drawings of structural components.

Main benefits for the user:
Easy 3D modeling, generation of NC files

Mr. Moenter, Construction Engineer at Husmann Stahlbau GmbH: "Without the use of Advance Steel with its 3D functions, the realization of this project would not have been possible for us."

Tip of the Month:

Create holes at the corners of a folded plate

First create your folded plate with the "Create folded plate" command.

Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate

Next change the display type of the folded plate to "Unfolded" (see the following figures).

Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate   Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate

Create "Circular contour" 3 times (once per connected plate) at each corner of the folded plate.

Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate   Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate

Your folded plate is ready, you can now automatically get its workshop drawing and its NC-DSTV or NC-DXF file for accurate fabrication.

Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate   Tip of the Month: Create holes at the corners of a folded plate

International Events

GRAITEC is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at 2 major international exhibitions:

GRAITEC at BuildTechAsia2011 - International building Expo
BuildTechAsia2011 International building Expo on April 27-29, 2011 in Singapore.

As part of the Singapore Construction Productivity week, and in conjunction with the Build Smart Conference, the BuildTechAsia2011 International Building Expo is a major event in Asia. This year the main topic is "Redefining the Future of Construction". The inaugural BuildTechAsia 2011 Exhibition will present the latest in technologies across varied segments of the building and construction industry. GRAITEC will therefore present its Advance solutions and Building Information Modeling (BIM) concepts.

Please visit us at the GRAITEC booth at the French Pavilion, Singapore Expo Hall 3 Build Tech Asia.

GRAITEC exhibiting at NASCC NASCC 2011 on May 11-14, 2011 in Pittsburgh (USA):

The Steel Conference offers more than 90 technical sessions and is the premier educational event for structural engineers, fabricators, erectors, and detailers in North America. In addition to practical seminars on the latest design concepts and construction techniques, the conference offers an extensive exhibition where nearly 200 exhibitors demonstrate a wide range of products. You will find fabrication equipment, detailing software, connection products, safety equipment, and engineering software. Itís a once-a-year opportunity to learn the latest techniques, see the most innovative products, and network with your peers and clients.

Visit us at booth #1112 - to receive your one-day exhibit hall pass, click here
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