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GRAITEC Advance newsletter February 2011
February 2011

The GRAITEC Advance 2011 releases are available!

In this newsletter, we cover:

GRAITEC ADVANCE 2011: + interoperability + productivity + simplicity

GRAITEC Products : CAD and Analysis Software for the Construction Industry

GRAITEC Advance is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system that automates the entire structural design and construction documentation process from engineering design and structural analysis to member optimization, detailing and fabrication.

GRAITEC Advance provides designers and detailers with an optimal working environment with tools to create and completely carry out their construction projects: optimization of construction materials, elimination of project inconsistencies, faster study turnaround time, automatic document creation, project history and tracking, fluid communication with project partners, etc.

The development of the 2011 versions of the Graitec Advance suite focuses on 4 main themes:

- Development of intelligent data exchange and interoperability of third party industry standard formats, software systems, industry partners and equipment manufacturers
- Enhanced ergonomic user interface and ease of use
- Improved performance
- Greater automation in the production of documents and project management designed to increase the productivity of users.


Graitec Advance 2011 enhances interoperability with Autodesk Revit® (Revit Architecture® and Revit Structure®). This allows Graitec users to carry out the design and the production of construction drawings from models designed in Autodesk Revit.

Another major development (and a massive step forward) in the field of plant design: Graitec Advance 2011 is now compatible with Aveva's PDMS® software package. The R&D teams of Graitec and AVEVA® have worked together to develop exchange protocols that allow Aveva and Graitec users to intelligently and efficiently share their design models. This is in addition to our full compatibility with industry standards: IFC, CIS/2, PSS, SDNF, KISS, etc.

Standardisation of Brand Names

The Graitec Advance suite is used in over 80 countries and is available in more than 12 languages. Thousands of users around the world rely on our solutions every day, so in a bid to standardize the regional brand names we are unifying our global product identity:

  All local names previously used have been rebranded to Advance Steel, Advance Concrete and Advance Design. Localization of programs to different country standards and practices still remains a major focus of Graitec development.

  The entire suite is now delivered on a single DVD. This will greatly contribute to simplify installation and facilitate data sharing between engineers and draftsmen using Graitec products.

Advance Steel : Professional Steel Detailing Software Solution for AutoCAD Advance Concrete : Professional Reinforced Concrete Design Software Solution for AutoCAD Advance Design : Professional Finite Element Analysis Software according to European standards


Advance Steel is the industry's most modern and efficient structural steel modelling, detailing and fabrication software available today. It can deliver structural steel projects of any type and size including industrial and commercial buildings, bridges, stairs and railings. From the model the software automatically creates all drawings (general arrangement drawings, workshop drawings, etc.), BOMs and NC files.

Advance Steel project: Coke oven Gas Desulphurization

Coke oven Gas Desulphurization -
Design Office: HUTNI PROJEKT Frydek-Mistek a.s.

Advance Steel : Professional Steel Detailing Software Solution for AutoCAD

Advance Steel 2011

Advance Steel 2011 offers even more flexibility, efficiency and control from the initial creation of the 3D model of steel structures to the automatic creation of all documents.

The new “Project Explorer” allows the user to visualise the project as a whole or by dividing it up by floors or groups of elements for quick and easy editing.

Advance Steel 2011 optimises the entire phase of document creation (drawings, lists…) thanks to the new “Quick documents” tool.

Advance Steel: Possibility to select the view direction

Advance Steel: 'Quick Documents' functionality

True multi-material 3D modeling

Possibility to select the view direction

"Quick Documents" functionality

True multi-material 3D modeling

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Advance Concrete is a dedicated professionnal concrete BIM package perfectly integrated in AutoCAD to produce formwork and reinforcement drawings and accelerate civil engineering projects design. It provides users with a structural element library (slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations etc.), openings and reinforcement (bars and meshes).

It automatically creates construction drawings and documentation from the model: formwork drawings, sections, elevations, reinforcement drawings and bar lists, etc. Views are automatically updated when the model is changed.

Advance Concrete project: Basement - Sections: UPSA of Vichy, France - Design Office : BETMI

Basement - Sections
UPSA of Vichy, France - Design Office : BETMI

Advance Concrete : Professional Reinforced Concrete Design Software Solution for AutoCAD

Advance Concrete 2011

Advance Concrete 2011 enhances the 3D reinforcement functionality (eg. 3D reinforcement cages exportable as ACIS solids).

This version includes over 40 enhancements to the creation of RC detailing focusing mainly on the positioning of bars, meshes and cladding but also improving reference marks, bar bending details and schedules.

Finally, Advance Concrete 2011 goes even further in the 'automatic production' of bar bending schedules making the customisation of these schedules even easier.

Advance Concrete:  Live customization of bar list

Advance Concrete: Selection of objects to be included in list

Advance Concrete:  Dynamic reinforcement

Live customization of bar list

Selection of objects to be included in list

Dynamic reinforcement

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Advance Design is the result of 20 years GRAITEC experience in structural analysis. Advance Design is aimed at structural engineers who require a professional and easy-to-use solution for simulating and optimizing all their projects.

Advance Design includes a user-friendly structural modeler, an automatic load and combination generators, a powerful FEM analysis engine (static, dynamic, time history, non linear, buckling, large displacement analysis, etc.), comprehensive wizards for designing concrete and steel members according to Eurocodes, efficient result post-processing and automatic report generators. Advance Design automatically updates all reports, including graphical results when modifications are made to the model.

Advance Design project: French building of Shanghai's Universal Exhibition


French building of Shanghai's Universal Exhibition
Design Office: C&E Engineering
Architecture office: Jacques Ferrier Architectures

Advance Design : Professional Finite Element Analysis Software according to European standards

Advance Design 2011

Advance Design 2011 brings with it further integration of the Eurocodes with the inclusion of more detailed aspects of the codes, notably with regard to climatic loading (i.e § 7.2.7, 7.4.1 of EN 1991-1-4) and the consideration of fire requirements in the dimensioning of elements (section 5 of EN1992-1-1 and §4.2 of EN 1993-1-2).

This version also accelerates the design of your projects with a new graphics engine, multi-core engine and new finite element modelling options (automatic results smoothing, new boundary conditions for planar elements, cracked inertia taken into account…)

Advance Design: EN1993 - Lateral torsionnal buckling

Advance Design: EN1998 - Storey drift verification

EN1993 - Lateral torsionnal buckling

EN1998 - Storey drift verification

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GRAITEC Advantage Online

Graitec Advantage is available to all Graitec customers along with a brand new online forum!

We would encourage all our users to make the most of the Graitec online services to network with other users. Contact the Graitec technical team to send us your ideas for future development and feedback on our software!

  GRAITEC Advantage Online

Graitec Advance: the structural BIM solution

BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabrication   BIM software for structural concrete engineering, detailing and fabrication   BIM software for FEM structural analysis including international design codes


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