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GRAITEC Advance Concrete: Test it yourself!
Advance Concrete key features

Fast and Easy Modelling of
Reinforced Concrete Structures!

Advance Concrete is specifically designed for structural engineers and reinforced concrete detailers who require a comprehensive yet user friendly 3D structural software that automates drawing creation, BOMs and NC files.

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Efficient structural modeling :

  Easy modeling - Advance Concrete provides a comprehensive library of smart objects that have real world properties (slabs, beams, columns, walls, stairs, foundations, and openings). Select an element on the toolbar and drop it in the workspace: it’s that simple to use!
  Accelerated modeling - Numerous automated functions are also available: creation of footings, positioning of slopes, roofs and stairs, level duplication, element copy/paste, etc.
  Automatic drawing creation - Advance Concrete offers automatic numbering and dimensioning tools to further enhance workflow and optimize the drawing creation process
Advance Concrete: Professional Reinforced Concrete Design Software Solution for AutoCAD

Reinforcement modeling: Use Graitec's exclusive DYNamic reinforcement technology!

Advance Concrete: Professional Reinforced Concrete Design Software Solution for AutoCAD
  Parametric reinforcement of standard elements
  Different types of reinforcement: stirrups, meshes, U and L bars, etc.
  Collisions check over the reinforcement arrangements

Automatically creates bar lists and NC files according to various standards: aSa, Soul, SteelPac, BVBS, etc.

Advance Concrete also provides complete structural estimation: volume of concrete, surface of formwork, etc.

Smart DYNamic reinforcement technology - Intelligent solution for reinforced concrete structural elements
  Dynamic reinforcements - Advance Concrete creates the views with the necessary reinforcement. The reinforcement cage adjusts to the formwork and is updated when modifications occur. Reinforcement of beams, columns, walls, footings, elevator cages, and stairs… is automatic !
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Lodgings and stores
Design office: Antilles Etudes,
Cherkassy Beach Hotel
Design office: Novotny Bauer & Partner,
Office building
Design office: SC PAVIAL SRL,
Bucharest, Romania
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BENEFITS: easy-to-use, high performance, efficient, competitive!

Advance Concrete - increase productivity, reduce risks, save costs!
  is user friendly
  is multi-user
  is dedicated to structural detailing
  is well localized!
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