GRAITEC Advance Concrete newsletter June 2010

June 2010

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In this issue, we cover:

Advance Concrete key features

Advance Concrete® is specifically designed for structural engineers and reinforced concrete detailers who require a professional and easy-to-use 3D software that automates the production of drawings, BOMs and NC files. Advance Concrete® drastically increases productivity and drawing quality while reducing the risk of errors.

Perfectly integrated in AutoCAD®, Advance Concrete® accelerates the design phase (single or multi-user mode) by offering an extensive library of structural and reinforcement elements. It generates all construction drawings using intelligent drawing tools automatically controlling dimensions, symbols and drawing layout. Advance Concrete® is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution.

La Riviera / EBS (France) Foyer de Vie Saint Joseph, ICEBA (France) Dynamic reinforcement technology

La Riviera
EBS (France)

Foyer de Vie Saint Joseph,
ICEBA (France)

Dynamic reinforcement

A few key features of the software:

Efficient structural modeling
2D/3D modeling of structural elements: beams, columns, walls, slabs, lintels, reservation, footings and piles.
Modeling of complex geometries: inclined columns, stairs, roof modeler, etc
3D model helps identify problems prior to construction
Automatic control of element positioning
Advanced drawing and finishing tools
Rapid creation of plan views, cuts, elevations and isometric views from the model
Immediate visualization of the impact of the upper floor on the formwork drawings
Dynamic annotations: elements numbering with sections, levels linked to the geometry
Dimension styles dedicated to civil engineering
Project consistency guaranteed by plan views and cuts interactivity
Unique reinforcement modules
Smart DYNamic reinforcement technology (GRAITEC exclusivity)
Quick input of reinforcement cages from bars and mesh libraries
Bar length calculation
Creation of bar lists
3D visualization of reinforcement, automatic control of collisions limiting the risk of errors
Collaborative work
Possibility to import an architect file (DXF, DWG, Revit through GTC technology)
Multi-user technology applied to the model creation into a unique database
BIM approach for import, export and data synchronization between CAD / Analysis workstations
Intelligent links to the global IFC standard
Production of NC files
Mesh rest optimization and creation of the mesh order for construction
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New features delivered in Advance Concrete 2010 SP2

Apart from the new release available every year, many service packs are delivered providing several new features.

In the last service pack, the main features are dedicated to reinforcement.

New multi-user based on MS SQL Server

Starting with Service Pack 2, Advance Concrete uses an SQL Server for the database and user management.

Measurement of 90° hooks

A new option in the Project preferences allows the measurement of hooks according to the hooks table.

Specifically for the North American market, a new behavior is implemented in the hook library: the hooks table contains a new field where the user can enter the segment length for a certain bar size, grade and angle. Some records are defined as “unfold”; others are defined as segment, according to the hook angle. For example, hooks that are exactly 90º can be measured as a segment while hooks over 90° are measured by unfolding the bar and taking the distance from the end of the unfolded bar.

Advance Concrete: Measurement of 90° hooks Advance Concrete: Measurement of 90° hooks
Material Quantities Manager: New tool for viewing orders

A new tool allows viewing order content directly on drawings. The elements of the selected orders are isolated on the drawing.

Advance Concrete: New tool for viewing orders Advance Concrete: New tool for viewing orders
Material Quantities Manager: NC file for each steel grade

For orders containing several steel grades, one NC file can be generated for each grade. For each steel grade, it is possible to customize the settings in the order properties (e.g. aSa – different control codes for each file).

Advance Concrete: NC file for each steel grade
Linear distribution representation improvement

Small improvement for the representation of the linear distribution: the bar end symbols are displayed automatically, according to the bar hook angle.

Rectangular frames – 90° hook representation

New options for the end bar symbols are available to make the drawing easier to read. The rectangular frames with 90º hooks are better represented.

Advance Concrete: Rectangular frames – 90° hook representation Advance Concrete: Rectangular frames – 90° hook representation
Bar shape segment lengths

A new option to modify the bar shape parameters is available in the bar properties dialog box.

Advance Concrete: new option to modify the bar shape parameters
3D viewer

The reinforcement 3D viewer has been improved. The reinforcement cages can contain any number of bars.

Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars

A new tool allows the creation of radial bars and their distribution for reinforcing circular elements.

Advance Concrete: Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars Advance Concrete: Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars
Advance Concrete: Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars Advance Concrete: Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars

Project of the month

UPSA: Vichy, France
Project description: In February 2010, BETMI, a Design Office specializing in reinforced concrete, won the 2009 French User Contest - Concrete CAD category - with their project ”Geriatric Psychiatric Pavilion” based in Vichy.

The project consists of the creation of 25 units including a basement and a first floor with patios and a partially vegetated flat roof that supports solar panels.

Advance Concrete: Project of the month - UPSA: Vichy, France
Project main challenges:
2 foundation levels: continuous footings + wall beams in the basement and isolated footings + stringers under the first floor
Many wall openings and basement slab
Cutting of the project into 3 zones
Many cuts required to understand the project
Advance Concrete solution:
Easier subdivision of the project using the Document mode
Usage of elevation and isometric cuts
Representation of openings on wall elevations
Impact of walls and columns of upper levels
Advance Concrete: Plan view with impacts
Main benefits for the user:
Productivity gain: quick generation of cuts, elevations, isometric views and floor plans directly from the model.

Reliability: automatic display of the column and wall keys (status control) of the upper level and opening positions and dimensions in slabs and walls.

Mr. Patrice GUIOT – BETMI draftsman: “Advance Concrete generates drawings with integrated isometric views so that masons get a direct reading of volumes, which is refined using the cuts and plan views. For them, the isometric views are great. For example, they can get a lot of information on rolling shutters embedded with blind parts.

We could not return to 2D. Since we started working in 3D, generating openings, walls, beams, we feel that they are not just lines anymore.”

Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2011

Advance Concrete: Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2011 With SP3 of Advance Concrete 2010 (expected mid-June 2010), you will have the opportunity to go to AutoCAD® 2011 and benefit from all the new AutoCAD® 2011 features.

AutoCAD® 2011 provides you with speed in documentation, accurate sharing of designs, and exploring ideas intuitively in 3D.
Advance Concrete: Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2011

Support? Comments?

Advance Concrete: Support on GRAITEC Advantage Graitec Advantage is available to all Graitec customers along with a brand new online forum!

We would encourage all our users to make the most of Graitec online services to network with other users. Contact Graitec technical team to send us your ideas for future development and feedback on our software!
GRAITEC Advantage Online

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