GRAITEC Advance Steel Newsletter - May 2010

May 2010

Welcome to the second issue of the GRAITEC ADVANCE STEEL newsletter.
In this issue, we cover:

Advance Steel 2010: Service Pack 3

Service pack 3 of Advance Steel 2010 is now available and addresses a number of issues, including:
1. The automatic macro for railings creates knees between each intermediate middle handrail, as shown on the picture below:

Advance Steel 2010 SP3

2. Several enhancements for automatic connections , including the ability to use miter connections for more complex situations (e.g. between a straight and a curved tube).

3. All necessary line types get automatically loaded to assure proper hidden line presentation in drawings.

4. Improved hole presentation when unfolding a drawing of a folded plate.

Advance Steel 2010 SP3

5. Polygonal plates are now more efficiently represented in workshop drawings, showing them with their longest side horizontal, so that they are easier to fabricate.

Advance Steel 2010 SP3

Advance Steel SP3 is available for all customers who subscribe to the GRAITEC Advantage maintenance plan:

Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2011

Advance Steel 2010: Compliancy with AutoCAD® 2011

Expected at the end of May, 2010, the Advance Steel 2010 SP4 will allow users to move to AutoCAD 2011 and benefit from all its new features. AutoCAD 2011 provides speed in documentation, accurate sharing of designs, and the intuitive exploration of ideas in 3D.

Advance Concrete: Compliancy with AutoCAD« 2011

Projects of the Month


CSM / Hamont-Achel, Belgium
CSM / Hamont-Achel, Belgium

The Magnum Boiler is part of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant working with a multi-fuel concept in Eemshaven (NL), which has a production capacity of 1200 Mega watts.

Dimensions: Boiler = 36m x 13m x 40m / Stack = diameter of 7m x 35m height

Advance Steel Project: Magnum Boiler

  • Project main challenge: Connect all components within the model and drawings with additional items such as welding neck flanges, blind flanges, pipe couplings, etc.
  • Advance Steel solution: Create their own profiles and purchase items like flanges
  • Main benefits for the user: All elements, including mechanical, parts are part of the unique model allowing for precise workshop drawings with correct dimensions and BOMs

Mr. Ludo Plessers, CSM Project Engineer: "The use of Advance Steel is very easy and you can, with few clicks, create all types of elements such as folded plates, curved plates or curved beams."


Sager design CAD / Horn TG, Switzerland
Sager design CAD /  Horn TG, Switzerland

The Tropical Centre contains a 5200 square meter plant for the production of tropical fruits and fish, as well as a 2100 square meter adventure centre (tropical garden) for visitors with an attached 600 square meter building for catering and events.

The buildings are located 661 m above sea level; the adventure centre consists of 105 tons of steel, 107 tons of glass and 15 tons of aluminum. A 3D filigree with three glass waves is located on site using partly fixed columns.

Dimensions :
- Adventure centre: total area of 2100 m2; length of 85 m x width of 30 m x height of 14 m.
- Production centre: total area of 5200 m2.

Advance Steel Project: Tropical centre

  • Project main challenge: The three glass waves had to be constructed with respect to each other in a staggered way to fit into the landscape.
  • Advance Steel solution: Detailed planning of the joints by using the comprehensive assortment of connections.
  • User benefits: Easy and efficient creation of the 3D model, automated construction support, and an excellent cost/performance ratio

Mr. Sager, Sager Design CAD Construction Engineer: "Advance Steel enabled me to get fast and useful results. Especially when planning the details, I was able to save a lot of time by using the standardized and comprehensive possibilities of connections."

Tip of the Month: How to get an Advance Steel elliptical plate

Type PELLIPSE on the AutoCAD command line, and enter "1" as the new value.

 Create an AutoCAD ellipse   Use the Advance Steel 'Plate at polyline' icon Endplate at the end of a sloped circular tube

Create an AutoCAD ellipse
(= > your ellipse is then
created as a polyline)

Use the Advance Steel
"Plate at polyline" icon to create
an elliptical plate from this polyline!

This is exactly what you need
when you have to create an endplate
at the end of a sloped circular tube!

Exhibition of the month

GRAITEC will be exhibiting at the 2010 NASCC Steel Conference in Orlando, FL from May 12th - 14th.

The team will be presenting Advance Steel, an AutoCAD based software that is developed specifically for 3D structural steel design, detailing and fabrication.

Visit GRAITEC at booth #1009 or during our exclusive coffee break sponsorship Thursday morning, May 15th. See you in Orlando!

Advance Steel team at 2010 NASCC Steel Conference in Orlando, FL

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Faculty of Chemistry University of Ljubljana Offshore Platform, Offshore Congo, West Africa Touring stage for the U2 360║ Tour

Faculty of Chemistry
University of Ljubljana
Elea iC d.o.o

Offshore Platform,
Offshore Congo, West Africa
Overdick GmbH & Co.KG

Touring stage
for the U2 360║ Tour

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