GRAITEC launches the 2.1 version of its new generation structural analysis software: Advance Design

Paris, the 1st of February 2007 - GRAITEC, European developer of structures simulation and general arrangements drawings software for the construction engineering, launches the new 2.1 version of "Advance Design". Conceived for the design offices and construction companies, Advance Design is a finite elements analysis software, specialized in the modeling, calculation and dimensioning of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Integration of 2 new design modules: "Concrete Design" and "Steel Design"

2.1 version of Advance Design includes:

  1. A "Concrete Design" module for the calculation of theoretical reinforcement of all reinforced concrete elements, the determination of interaction curves of all section types and the estimation of reinforcement ratios.
  2. A "Steel Design" module for the verification of buckling, lateral-torsional buckling and deflections of steel elements and the profiles optimization.
These 2 new modules are completely integrated in Advance Design. Therefore, the user has the possibility to perform, within the same interface, the analysis with finite elements or a reinforced concrete and steel design, then to generate a global calculation report.

The user may also define its own "design objects" and give them specific names (i.e.: column, beam, rafter, purlin...). Each of these objects share then common design properties (concrete quality, concrete cover, cracking.... for reinforced concrete or deflection criteria, buckling lengths, lateral-torsional buckling lengths... for steel structures). This concept significantly simplifies the modeling process and speeds up the structure optimization.

GRAITEC Advance: a global CAD / Analysis suite

Advance Design belongs to GRAITEC Advance software suite, which also includes a program dedicated to the general arrangement drawings production for the steel structures (Advance Steel) and another one designed for the creation of construction drawings (Advance Concrete).

The three programs work together in a coherent manner, being capable of exchanging information in real time. For example: after having modified a section created by the engineer in Advance Design, the detailer is notified by Advance Steel or Advance Concrete. He may therefore decide to accept the modification in the software currently used and thus update all his drawings.

As to Joseph PAIS (Advance Design Project manager): "With 2.1 version of Advance Design, our clients will finally benefit of a modern structural analysis software, capable of producing and updating complete calculation reports, that contain result tables and images".

GRAITEC launches the 2.1 version of its new generation structural analysis software:  Advance Design