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    Jacob Baker

    Zero Suppression on Drawing Numbers.

    Is there a setting to suppress the leading zeros in the sheet numbers? For example sheet “001” would become sheet “1”.


    Philippe BONNEAU

    Hello Jacob,

    A drawing can be created from a Drawing style or from a Process.

    If you create the drawing from a Drawing style:

    The drawing name is controlled by the following default “Path of detail drawings and prefix” (you can find it in the GRAITEC Advance Manager > Settings > Defaults > Drawing – General > General). This default accepts only one token, which is : %Flat(x). X needs to be a number bigger or equal to 1, and it represents the number of digits the “flat” token will display. For example, using %Flat(3) will automatically set the name : 001, 002 etc.

    If you create the drawing from a Process:

    Process can use more tokens for the drawing name, and this can be configured from the “Drawing Process Manager” > Filename selector > Drawing name



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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