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GRAITEC BIM Connect Overview

GRAITEC BIM Connect is a powerful free extension for Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk Revit Structure that provides bidirectional intelligent BIM model sharing with GRAITEC analysis products, and includes revision control and tracking.

GRAITEC BIM Connect also enables basic import and export capabilities using recognized industry formats IFC, CIS2, SDNF and PSS to support all levels of interoperability across all disciplines.

When applied to a mature BIM workflow GRAITEC BIM Connect supports intelligent model-integration utilizing native products objects or families, thereby seamlessly aligning Revit’s descriptive model (LOD 400) with its counterpart analytical model in GRAITEC Advance Design or Arche, and corresponding detailed model (LOD 500 -better managed in products such as Autodesk Advance Steel and Autodesk Advance Concrete) for bidirectional model sharing and supporting the transfer of analytical data to Revit.

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Model Synchronization Import / Export Transfer analysis loads
Model Synchronization
Retain model integrity during design with Autodesk Revit and GRAITEC analysis products.
Import / Export
Major industry recognized formats (IFC, SDNF, CIS2, PSS) available from a single interface.
Transfer analysis loads
Transfer structural elements with analytical data.
Transfer curved walls and foundations Multi-material transfer Quickly map new materials
Transfer curved walls and foundations
Using GTCX or IFC to transfer curved walls and foundations and even beams with holes.
Multi-material transfer
Share and manage models with steel and concrete members and elements in one file.
Quickly map new materials
Automatically detects and prompts to map new sections and materials.

GRAITEC BIM Connect compatibility

BIM Software

Autodesk Revit Structure     Autodesk Revit Architecture     Autodesk Advance Steel     Autodesk Advance Concrete

GRAITEC Software Applications with BIM Connect already enabled

GRAITEC Advance Design     GRAITEC Arche     GRAITEC SuperSUITE

Operating Systems

GRAITEC Advance Design     GRAITEC Advance Design

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Product description: GRAITEC BIM Connect is a powerful free extension for Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk Revit Structure