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Advance Steel

3D modeling software for steel detailing

Autodesk Advance Steel detailing software is built on the AutoCAD platform. Intelligent 3D modeling tools help you accelerate accurate design and detailing. Speed time to fabrication and construction with tools that automatically generate shop drawings and deliverables. Interoperability with Revit and Advance Design Building Information Modeling (BIM) software supports a more connected workflow.

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Complete toolset for structural steel detailing

Advance Steel : 
BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabrication
Graitec demonstration videos illustrate the structural steel design tools in Advance Steel; features include a library of intelligent parametric structural elements, steel connections, and plates. Model custom elements and custom connections. Automatically generate shop and general arrangement drawings, create bills of material (BOMs), and produce DTSV CNC files directly from your designs.

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Bidirectional link with Revit
Speed time to fabrication with Revit design data.
Navisworks compatibility
Integrate data for a whole-project review and effective collaboration.
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Advance Steel Brochure
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Structural Modeling

Advance Steel will subsequently generate all the construction and workshop drawings based on the 3D model

Model courtesy from PKD (Czech Republic)

Advance Steel will subsequently generate all the construction and workshop drawings based on the 3D model

Model courtesy from STRUBAT Ingénierie (France)

All the tools are designed for fast and efficient modelling, creating a precise BIM model to enable Advance Steel to subsequently generate all project documents (drawings, lists, NC files) from the model.

Advance Steel provides the user with a large library of structural elements and design functions such as:
  • Generic industry components such as Frames, Bracings, Concrete Footings, etc.
  • Common Profiles and Sections
  • Various Roof systems
  • Miscellaneous Steelwork (stairs, railings, ladders, etc., including joints)
  • Complex folded plates (e.g., conical or twisted)
  • Welded, tapered and curved beams
  • Powerful Plate manipulation tools
Advance Steel provides the user with a large library of structural elements

Model courtesy from DANTU Drafting
(South Africa)

Advance Steel : Steelwork - stairs, railings, ladders, etc.

Model courtesy from Ets J-C FASSLER (France)

Advance Steel works in 2D or 3D depending on the user's preference and the type of structure being modeled. Advance Steel supports all basic and widely adopted CAD concepts and functions (snap points, grip points, copy, etc.) promoting rapid adoption.

Advance Steel offers libraries of customizable automatic joints
Advance Steel comes with a comprehensive library of customizable automatic joints (more than 300 joints), which increase the speed and efficiency of modeling connections.

In addition to the default library, Advance Steel also offers the possibility to create specific custom connections using a wide range of tools:
  • Polygonal cuts on plate and beam (cope, along centreline, polygonal, on the UCS, with an angle)
  • Placement of bolts, holes and shear studs
  • Welded connections
All custom connections, from simple to extremely complex, can be saved, previewed and reused from within the Connection template explorer, and even modified to suit other needs.
Advance Steel offers libraries of customizable automatic joints Advance Steel - the Connection Vault

Model courtesy from SST-Ing.-Buro

The enhanced Connection Vault streamlines workflow with the following features:
  • All connections in one place
  • Create and save favourites
  • Connection previews of possible combinations
  • Choose a connection and use it directly from the connection vault!

Advance Steel assigns automatic part marks to the entire model which can also be based on user defined numbering prefix method, starting number and increment. The powerful model checking tools is Advance Steel for element collisions, tool access (buildability), and consistency of element marks (fabrication, delivery and assembly) ensure accuracy and quality are maintained.

Knowledge Engineering: Advance Steel integrates a new adaptive technology that automates and significantly accelerates joint creation. When creating a joint, Advance Steel analyses its environment and recognizes if a similar situation has occurred in the past. The software then suggests the optimal joint in the desired category while taking into account its structural integrity. (*Only available for certain types of joints and standards.)Joint designed with Advance engine.

Joint designed with Advance engine. Click on the image to see the video.

New Joint Design Engine

Advance Steel can now automatically design common joints within the user interface. To create a joint the user specifies the forces (kip) and Advance Steel quickly designs the joint. The correct type and quantity of bolts, plate thickness, etc., are automatically inserted in the model and a full design report is created!

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on Advance Steel

Read GRAITEC technical article Learn more about connection design according to Eurocodes 3 in Advance Steel...

Sheet and plate metal work

Autodesk Advance Steel is the only CAD software for steel structures that easily models sheet metal work. It only takes a couple of clicks to create a complex element, for example, a conical shape from two CAD entities (circle, square, etc.) or between two profiles with different diameters.

The drawings for these shapes are automatically obtained along with their unfolded representation.

Advance Steel : automatic creation of workshop and general arrangement drawings, automatically labeled and dimensioned in a fully customizable layout Advance Steel : automatic creation of workshop and general arrangement drawings, automatically labeled and dimensioned in a fully customizable layout

Model courtesy from PlanungsburoHeuer (Germany)

Model courtesy from Solespam (France)

Multi-user collaboration

With the “Model Share” technology, Advance Steel users can work in a real multi-user mode to accelerate projects.

Advance Steel : multi-user collaboration

Advance Steel offers unrivalled, flexible and secure multi-user functionality offering:
  • Speed improvements to model a big project (multiple users working on the same DWG file)
  • Display performances (tools to display only selected elements)
  • Flexibility (joints can be created between elements modeled by different users)
  • Security (an element being used by one person cannot be modified by another)
  • Information (real-time information of model changes)

Automated drawing creation

Advance Steel : automatic creation of workshop and general arrangement drawings, automatically labeled and dimensioned in a fully customizable layout

Once the design is completed, Advance Steel offers a wide range of automated functions to create all the fabrication and general arrangement drawings. A large range of formats (e.g. A4 to A0) and different page layout templates are available. Each detailed drawing is created as an individual DWG file. The details are automatically labeled and dimensioned. Templates are available for a wide range of uses and countries and the drawing layout may be customized with user specific requirements using the Drawing Style Manager.

Automatic creation of isometric views, 2D drawings, elevations, ...

Model courtesy from DANTU Drafting (South Africa)


General Arrangement drawings

  • Automated creation of an isometric view from the project, with many different label possibilities.
  • 2D drawings, such as elevation, anchor or roof plans are automatically labeled and dimensioned.
  • Function for automated view creation on the drawing for special situations such as a complex detail or a base point with the foundation.
  • Flexibility in the choice of the presentation rules for the details.
Automatic creation of workshop drawings Automatic creation of workshop drawings
Model courtesy from Konstruktoriu
cechas (Lithuania)
Model courtesy from Marshall Stairs
Automatic creation of workshop drawings Automatic creation of workshop drawings
Model courtesy from Heurtey Petrochem
Automatic unfold of a spiral stairs tread

Fabrication drawings

  • Creation of individual fabrication drawings for single and assembly parts
  • Automated drawing creation by processes
  • All parts automatically dimensioned and labeled with the required information
  • Dimension lines can be presented as Relative, Running or Ordinate
  • Function for part unfolding and tube templates
  • Required cuts from the main view will be created automatically

The Final Touch

  • Automated creation of a view in the drawing when adding a section/cut line or other similar detail
  • Ability to change scale, clipping and presentation within the drawing
  • Additional dimension lines (e.g. Arc, Angle….) can be created and modified
  • Quick additional label insertion by selecting the information directly from the model

Document management

Other features and provided solutions: lists of materials, lists, NC file... All of them fully customizable.Advance Steel has a build-in Document Manager

Once the drawings are completed, bills of material (BOM), lists and NC files can be created. The user can select from different predefined or custom formats: content definition, insertion of logos, customizable sorting, etc.

Advance Steel Document Manager is a powerful yet user-friendly centralized time saving tool to check drawings, sort out details and print bills of materials.

Advance Steel automatically creates revision clouds in drawings for modifications compared to the previous status of the drawing. This considerably helps users have better control on changed elements after an automatic update of the drawings with a revision number and removes a high degree of risk.

Manufacturing / Fabrication

GRAITEC is an active member of the DSTV standard association ensuring our software creates NC code that is 100% compatible with American and worldwide machinery manufacturers. The following manufacturers have confirmed their full compliance to the DSTV standard and are cooperating with us to further streamline the design to fabrication process.

Daito USA Peddinghaus Corporation Kaltenbach, Inc. FastCAM. Prodevco

FastCAM. Vernet Vernet Vernet Lantek

AceCad Software is a leading developer of software products for the construction industry, including BIM collaboration, design to construction project management, and dedicated structural steelwork fabrication. The partnership between GRAITEC and AceCad Software provides a bi-directional data exchange through which the two companies benefit of construction supply chains with streamlined workflows and advanced efficiencies across projects. The AceCad and GRAITEC combined and complimentary product suites enable true collaboration and integrated BIM data management, for increased productivity and reduced schedules.

AceCAD Software - Construction Management Software AceCAD Software - Construction Management Software

Furthermore Advance Steel uses the KISS format (“Keep It Simple, Steel”) to transfer data from the model and the bill of material to fabrication management software. Among other supported solutions, Advance Steel is certified by FABTROL.

FabTrol MRP - Steel Fabrication Management Software FabSuite EJE Industries


PowerPack: Productivity set of tools, templates and connections for Advance Steel
GRAITEC PowerPack is a powerful extension to Advance Steel designed to boost the user’s capability, productivity and efficiency. Graitec PowerPack builds on the strength of the market leading Advance Steel by introducing a set of unique tools, templates and connections intentionally designed to enhance and speed up project delivery.

BIM technology : GRAITEC software interoperability and integration

Graitec BIM Technology - CAD and Analysis software interoperability

All Graitec programs easily communicate with the leading technology solutions from Autodesk, such as Revit, Navisworks and Advance Steel / Concrete, using widely adopted and standard industry formats. In addition our own BIM format, allows accurate exchange of models between applications as well as the ability to synchronize without data loss!


Advance Steel
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