The New MILANO Fair

MILANO Fair - Emmerling

Software used : Advance - Steel suite.

Ingenieur-Büro Emmerling GmbH
Oberhausmehring 66
84405 Dorfen
Tel: 0049 / (0)8081 / 9136

 specialized in steel and glass structures
 founded in 1999
 3 seats Advance - Steel suite
 important projects: Aqua Park Moscow, Lehrter Stadtbahnhof (city     train station) Berlin, BBC London, Teheran Tower...

The "New Milano Fair" was designed from the ground up to be the biggest fairground of the world with an exhibition space of 2 millions m². The Exhibition halls are connected by a freeform roof called VELA (Italian for sails).

190 tree columns
500 crosses + secondary beams
2.300 A0 plans

1,3 km length
average height of 16 m
Width: 32 - 41 m
Area: 46.300 m² => 10 soccer fields
Mass: 2.000 t of steel

MILANO Fair - Emmerling

 all 190 „tree“ columns are different to each other
 drawings must be created according to contractor requirements


Advance - Steel suite

 Automatic drawing creation and modeling of the tree columns in 3D

MILANO Fair - Emmerling

Questions to Hubert Emmerling, owner of Emmerling GmbH

Mr. Emmerling, would you give us some information about this project?
The fair consists of 10 exhibition halls which are connected through a 1,3 km long axis. The axis is roofed by a freeform latice roof construction reminiscent of the Alps. The guests get an open-air experience without being exposed to wind and rain. This impression was reached using only 190 tree columns supporting the VELA.

How did Advance help you to process the project?
Due to automatic modeling of tree columns, crosses and leveling points in 3D in addition to automatic drawing creation to contractor requirements we saved 1.900 man-days. This is a time saving of 60%! This was due to innovative Advance technology and great cooperation by Graitec from the start of the project to help us efficiently and productively accomplish the project.

MILANO Fair - Emmerling

Why did you decide to use Advance ?

First of all Advance is an application based on AutoCAD the worldwide construction CAD standard. Furthermore Advance is a young extremely capable product that has proved itself on the market. The unique evolving project requirements on Advance were met by fast software development on the part of Graitec and we have come to realize the immense potential the solution still has in terms of  headroom for future development.

MILANO Fair - Emmerling