Amphitheater from Minatec
Grenoble - France

Amphitheater from Minatec

Amphitheater from Minatec

Software used: Effel

Les Portiques
15P, Impasse Ambroise Croizat
38090 Villefontaine
Tel : +33 (0)4 74 96 10 60
Fax : +33 (0)4 74 96 01 25

The Project
The 400 place amphitheater is located at the heart of Minatec, a major European Research Center for Innovation and Expertise in micro and nano-technology.

Project Challenges
Combined reinforced concrete and steel structure
Tall structure seismic survey calculation

Structural modeling contracted to GRAITEC
Calculation and engineering by TECBAT
Amphitheater from Minatec
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INTERVIEW with Mr. FERYN, Manager and Ms. DUPUIS, Structural Engineer

Mr. Feryn, would you like to tell us a few words about TECBAT?
TECBAT is a French Engineering Company that I founded in 1990, We are specialists in reinforced concrete for large building restoration. We have many prestigious references in the French Rhone Alps region: Oz parking in Oisans, restoration of the Célestins theater in Lyon, Thonon les Bains courthouse, several structures for Minatec, etc.
Amphitheater from Minatec
How was the Minatec project carried out?

Due to cost considerations and the proximity of the local GRAITEC office the TECBAT team chose to rely on GRAITEC's seismic problem experience to subcontract the structural modeling. TECBAT did the calculations, processed the results and finished the project.
Amphitheater from Minatec
Ms DUPUIS, you have used Arche and Effel for 6 years. What are your comments about GRAITEC's engineering software?

I use Effel, Arche Structure and reinforcement modules «intensely» for the links from Arche to Effel and from Structure to the reinforcement modules. We are very satisfied by the ease of use of the software and the speed at which we can deliver projects. We can almost automatically send the Arche automatic reinforced beams on site, indeed an important time saver.
Amphitheater from Minatec
Amphitheater from Minatec