Weather radar tower for Bermuda

Weather radar tower for Bermuda

Weather radar tower for Bermuda
Software used : Advance - Steel suite.

Ringstr. 10
D-26897 Esterwegen
Tel : 0049/5955/205-0

This modern and powerfull weather radar is built to allow detailed weather forecasts for Bermuda. The supporting framework has a stairtower access and was built to withstand hurricane velocity winds.

Weather radar tower for Bermuda


 Precise planning for local production and assembly in Bermuda.

Advance – Steel Suite

 Secure and automatic creation of object lists
 Collision control on screen
 Transmission of NC-data from the construction office to production     by fiber optic cable
 Virtual snapshots of the assembly for construction personnel

Weather radar tower for Bermuda

Questions to Rainer Bach And Georg Stichternath, Top managers of CONFERDO

Mr. Bach, why did you choose Advance to model this project?

We have been using Advance for 2 years and are very satisfied with it's capabilities.

Mr. Stichternath, what benefits have Advance Steel brought to this project?
For assembly overseas it's really important to have precise object lists in order to eliminate errors with bolts, connection elements and assemblies on the project site. Advance from Graitec does a great  job in automating and updating all part lists.
Another great feature is the collision check to make sure everything fits right the first timeand t
he virtual snapshots feature creates various views from different perspectives so the construction personnel know what the final structure should look like.

Weather radar tower for Bermuda