Hospital Complex

Hospital Complex
SCI Boileau Duquesne
EHPAD – 46/50 rue Duquesne
69006 Lyon - France

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Contractor : COGEDIM RIC
Architects : UNANIMES and ’’Poncet & Roulleau’’
Structural Engineering : MATTE S.A, 119 bld Stalingrad, 69100 Villeurbanne, France
Contacts : G. CRUIZEVERT et Y. ONDO

Engineering : MATTE SA

Building Description: 85 Room Hospital complex for autonomous elderly patients, created using a R+7 type cage with a single storey basement for a total floor surface of approximately 5000m² (54,000 sq. ft.).

Particularities :

Duquesne street cantilever facade (see model below)
Attic underpinned by cantilever beam and transfer slab