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Advance - Steel suite 5.1 supports Ayrshire

A close cooperation between GRAITEC, the author of Advance, CADS, a leading UK software developer and distributor of Advance for UK and Ireland, and Ayrshire, a leading UK-fabricator for cold rolled products, has produced an unprecedented level of functionality for cold rolled building products in 3D CAD/CAM-systems.

Ayrshire Metal Products uses Advance in its own drawing offices together with in house issuing software for its range of cold rolled components. Ayrshire is now using the Advance detailing software to help provide its customers with advanced facilities for modelling and processing Ayrshire cold rolled products.

Developed by co-operation between the technical development teams at Ayrshire and CADS/GRAITEC, the software range is designed to help Advance users produce accurate connection details, drawings and CAM files for Ayrshire's products with minimal time and effort.

The product contains the full set of Ayrshire product libraries like Zeta/Zeta2/Zed Purlins and Rails, Eaves beams, "C"-Section floor beams, Swagebeams as well as powerful macros for Purlin/Rail-connections, Hip/Valley-connections, Eaves beam connections and macros for Mezzanine floors.

Major advances in Advance Ayrshire functionality include new modelling macros for Swagebeam connections. Advance allows the Swagebeam cleats and column brackets to be modelled in a truly accurate representation, previously unseen in any other 3D steelwork detailing software.

These facilities allow Ayrshire sections to be added to an Advance model with ease whilst producing the CAM data for fast and accurate manufacture of the cold rolled products.

Transferring CAM data electronically is now widely accepted as the fastest and most efficient method of submitting details. More than 60% of Ayrshire's purlin volume is currently manufactured using CAM data issued electronically by clients who recognise the benefits it brings in labour and materials savings, greater accuracy shorter lead times and elimination of errors.

"The way Advance represents our products and systems is excellent and with the CAM-facility now available we feel very strongly that an even higher level of data will now be transferred to us electronically" said David Wigley, Managing Director Ayrshire Metal Products Ltd.

"CADS is delighted to have worked so closely with Ayrshire to continue to improve the productivity benefits of Advance for Ayrshire clients. It is exactly this kind of professional partnership with key manufacturers that will help to make Advance a world leader" said Ian Chambers, Sales Director CADS Ltd.

"This cooperation is another proof, that implementing the leading industry partners products into our CAD-application is the right way to success" said Thierry Lamidieu, COO of Graitec SA. GRAITEC offers a dynamic, ambitious, and high growth potential work environment coupled with the opportunity to add a commercial flavor to your technical background. Competitive salary + performance bonus matching experience. Only candidates deemed suitable shall be contacted.

Example of Z-Purlin Connection Example of Mezzanine Floor Connections