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GRAFICOMP selects Advance Steel as its steel detailing software

Advance Steel: BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabrication

GRAFICOMP (Italy) was established more than 20 years ago, and most of the staff worked at CMF one of the biggest steel construction companies in Italy. Luciano Milianti (engineer at GRAFICOMP) reports: "We are specialists in detailing big steel structures with a team of 12 highly qualified technicians, providing high-quality documents to our customers who are among the biggest steel companies in Italy."

GRAFICOMP selects Advance Steel as its steel detailing software

Ing.Milianti Luciano

Why did you decide to purchase Advance Steel?

The choice was that of our technical director who had seen a demonstration of the software by Graitec Italia and had received positive feedback from several different Advance Steel users in Italy.He was satisfied withkey features of Advance Steel and the fact that Advance Steel does not require an AutoCAD license was also a key factor in his decision. In addition, the possibility to use international software allows us to satisfy our customers, with particular interests abroad.

What are the key features which made you decide to go for Advance Steel?

We are very happy with its great flexibility and different possibilities of customization. And our direct contact with the software editor through its subsidiary in Italy makes us confident in the evolution of Advance Steel in the future to continue to correspond to our needs.

What benefits do you expect to get?

Advance Steel really meets our expectations in terms of productivity gains but also in accuracy and security, which is our main focus for delivering high-quality documents in the shortest time to our customers.

GRAFICOMP selects Advance Steel as its steel detailing software
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